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The standoff in Philadelphia echoed the 1985 MOVE bombing, which ...
The Invaders attack was deadly. They attacked what we believed to be no reason; the war lasted 15 days. When they landed, they struck without mercy and pity. Estimated Causalities were in the millions, by the wars end 1.35 Billion people were missing or dead. For the last 20 years, the world has been trying to heal and pick up the pieces and move on.

The Smart City Project was a way to use the Invaders’ technology and our advancements for a better society and better living cycle. The heroes of tomorrow grew up in a word reflecting on the wasted potential of a world that hand not learned its lessons until it was too late. But every Golden Century has its truths and its cracks.

Freepoint Mile City is named for the massive, sprawling metropolis built on the ruins of Denver and Colorado Springs when the Invaders used a K-Weapon on the Cheyenne Mountain Complex, the home of the Patriots. The resulting explosion was equivalent to a 200 Megaton fission weapon—the equivalent of two Tsar Bombs. The resulting devastation reached as far as Minnesota in fire, ash, and earthquakes.

The Heroes of the World reacted quickly. Even with the loss of most of the Patriots, the Exalted were able to rally and send the Invaders back from the endless void they came.

Still, the question remains; Why, and worst of all…

When do they come back?

Main Page

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