The Golden Shield

Anthony Miller Jr., He/Him/His


Summary of items straight from playbook sheet:

Danger: +1
Freak: 0
Savior: +1
Superior: +1
Mundane: 0

What kind of villain: Grand Tyrant/Cruel Mastermind
What is relationship like: redemption, adversarial (when in costume)
Villain abilities: dark sorcery, endless minions (demons/people they corrupt), aresenal of (magical) weapons and gadgets
My abilities: magical aptitude, a powerful weapon or gadget (The eponymous golden shield, provide physical and mystical protection)

Moves: I’ll show them, Changed sides

Who is supervillain parent: Malice the Black Mask, evil sorcerer (power hungry guy who made a deal or found an evil artefact, and accidentally passed powers on to TGS while pretending to be a normal guy in a happy marriage)
Who told you about parent’s true nature: discovered it by walking in the basement – also knew of villain alter ego’s ways through the news
Why did you turn from your lineage to become a hero: raised normally, to believe in good, and also trying to reconcile good “mask” of father with black mask of malice
Who outside of the team helps: The Walker, dimensional magic man (sometimes goes by Chris?)
Why do you care about the team: they know who I am, and can help me prove that I am not my father (and also can help take him down/redeem him)

Respect (need to earn respect from 6 people to differentiate myself from parent, at least 2 named at creation, others named as we go along):
Parent’s greatest enemy:
Parent’s greatest victim:
city’s greatest leader:
city’s greatest hero:
city’s biggest celebrity: Jeff E. Musk
my personal idol: The Chapman

When team first came together, someone important learned about my lineage and condemned us all: The Chapman, he has had run-ins with father, recognized shield and appearance of powers (and knows father uses thralls who sometimes pretend to be good)

Cas-513 is the only one who understands what I’m going through; I told them which part of me I wished was more like my parent.
My parent once fought and thrashed Zomboy; I’ve got to find a way to make it up to him.

Zomboy considers TGS his rival
Nova hangs out with TGS to blow off steam
TGS knew Inq prior to their transformation
Cas is confused by TGS, but he fascinates her and is trying to understand him

Given to Zomboy and Nova
Has it over Cas and Zomboy

Per the book, adults have influence over PCs, but these adults specifically have influence:
father (malice)
The Walker
The Chapman
The 6 respect folks

The Golden Shield

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