Nova Hawthorne

The weight of the world means nothing to me.


Playbook: Nova

Influence over: Golden Shield, INQ
Influenced by: INQ


Nova Hawthorne was perfect— engineered by her parents, heads of Quickthorne, to be the perfect distillation of her father’s family trait telekinesis and her fathers’ genius, Nova was designed down to the last detail to be the perfect proof-of-concept of Quickthorne’s cutting edge research and development division. Heir presumptive to become CEO of Quickthorne upon her parents’ retirement, with telekinesis more powerful than anyone in her family before her, Nova’s entire life had been sketched out for her before she even conceived. An only child, she was—and is— constantly tested, guaranteeing the maximization of her parents’ lifelong work to make an individual better poised to take control of the new world than anyone in history.

Nova, unfortunately, had different plans.

Nova Hawthorne

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