Margot Kidder Governor

Nothing without providence? Well sometimes you make have to make your own providence!


Governor Kidder is a major player in Colorado’s progressive party. She got elected on a platform promising an opening of the K-zone back up, overturning the militia act of 20XX. And promising a boost to education and youth groups for struggling parents.

Overall seen as young and very popular as naive of old Denver, but many see this as a political stunt to prepare for her upcoming 20XX presidential plan.

Critic site this is why she is starting a lot of plan and actions because she will not have to figure out the funding, all of what will start being an issue in the next Governorial term. Proponents point out that it is the opposition that shut down her bond and taxes bill that will force the funding issue, while the counter is that her Tax would have slowed the growth projections which would have hurt the state more than the measures to move the funding to next term.

As such Kidder is often seen out and amongst the people when she isn’t in the Captial Building.

Margot Kidder Governor

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