James Jones, Mayor

"Its a great day in the city, if I do say so myself."


Elected Mayor of Freepoint Mile City on a platform of stabilizing the massive mega-city, he promised to be tough but fair on crime and work with Aegis and FMPD to limit the Surveillance in the city, while increasing Police units so the city wouldn’t be reliant on Capes.

A member of the Moderate Party, in theory, a centralized party trying to find a middle ground between the more radicalized sides of the political debate.

He has been criticized for moving too slow, and too fast on Surveillance removal. His push for more Police Officers is also seen as negative as he is seeming to push for a faster more intense train while lowering the standards for officer quantifications while being praised for getting officer numbers up.

He likewise is called out for his seemingly flip-flopping on Aegis challenges, letting the organization walk over him on major super crimes, and then fight tooth and nail them for arrest and prosecution of seemingly petty super crimes.

James Jones, Mayor

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