Ennio Montoya


Ennio Montoya, a councilor for the Westminster High School, or Old Denver High, notably helps as a substitute and is generally a student counselor for the student helping with options for college, scholarship, and technical schools.

Ennio Montoya volunteers at the CYC, Colorado Youth for a Change (CYC) connects youth with opportunities to get back into school and also creates pathways, alongside caring adults, to build confidence and find success in school and beyond.

Montoya is a valued member of the community for his desire to help that said community. He is very passionate about it and believes in helping the youth achieve more than himself, Montoya has an arrest record from 15 years ago where he was in prison for drug charges.

Arrested for drug passion at age 18 and was in prison during the invaders, when he was released helped rebuild his community.

Ennio Montoya

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