Today is the first day of the rest of your life…

Today is ours; what do we fear? Today is ours; we have it here.
Let's treat it kindly, that it may, Wish, at least, with us to stay.
Let's banish business, banish sorrow; To the gods belongs tomorrow.


Welcome to Freepoint Mile City. One of Seven sister cities design and built by tech guru and inventor Jeff E Musk founder of Swan-Tree. The city features include:

  • A free WiFi Mesh, at 5G speeds!
  • Electric Magnetic Roads to power Electronic Vehicles!
  • A robust public transport system located both above ground and underground using advanced Monorail technology!
  • Robot Waste Collection!
  • A million Cameras to watch over you!
  • A direct connection to Aegis Overwatch! 
  • Advance Combat Rated AI controlling everything from Robot Police Units to Traffic Flow!
  • Over a 1000 category 7 shelters rated against neutron bombing and cataclysm level dragon events!

Freedompoint Mile City has everything someone could desire in a safe, protected community of urbanite safety and comfort.


Freepoint Mile City

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